InSite Vision, Inc.
Product Pipeline

Building for the Future
Our portfolio includes therapeutic and diagnostic products
in early and late-stage development.

DuraSite® technology
The proven DuraSite technology platform can be customized to deliver a wide variety of novel drug candidates.
Strategy for growth
We are securing partnerships to commercialize AzaSite in the expanding worldwide market of ocular infection.

InSite Vision, a SUN PHARMA company is building a rich product pipeline of innovative ophthalmic products, utilizing novel agents and a powerful drug delivery platform.  

(azithromycin ophthalmic solution) 1%

(besifloxacin ophthalmic suspension) 0.6%
AzaSite Plus(ISV-502)
For the treatment of blepharitis
For the treatment of non-bacterial blepharitis and ocular inflammation
For the treatment of pain & inflammation following cataract surgery
For the treatment of dry eye disease
AzaSite Xtra(ISV-405)
Once-daily, 3 day therapy. For the treatment of ocular infections
Tetracycline-based therapy for ocular infections
Ocular cosmetic (eyelash) enhancement product
For the treatment of high intraocular pressure (glaucoma prevention)
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